Sunday, February 19, 2012

Advance of the Glaciers lyrics

More momentuum on the lyrics to the Advance of the Glaciers....still need about 5 more stanzas...

Slow motion kaleidoscope of debris shaping our landscape

The sculptors stronger than the stone

Haste pressure, lines carved in sacrifice, crushed in form

That surge reveals its face

Numb from the frozen valley

Made dull within the pace

Ice fades in force, shining against the divide, a soft sediment

Benevolent retreat

Scouring out a creeping hanging valley, coming to surface in quarry

Lost our balance, one thought we had

Never to escape our fate

Will, further than we knew, in time


Slowly moves the face, moving forward as it always seems, as it always wills

Speeding up the pace, as the time grows still

Slow, away betrays the means, it flows underneath and in it forms

Time is nothing, and continues

Driven by natural inclination

A movement we now see, in time

As long as the moraines not caring, obey the giant, as the days go by

It can mean nothing

Knowing the outcome and forgetting the present, missing the moment

Release in the strategy

Change shows itself when we’re ready to see

And when we’re ready to obey

Wind runs from sun, a pool of moonlight stand still in time

Slow movement brings big change

Strangeness rises to shame, Something new torn apart in slow motion

Until the time to rearrange

We underneath sheer ice and seems

Movement torn apart from time


The best momentuum happens slowly, controlled and meaningful steps

Perfection and mastery

Perception is personal, Objection is subject to subjection

The time is always now

Close, closer to the moment of now

Down dropping into tune

Forever until the new dawn, shines forth in the new day to come

And we can’t wait for the change to come

Knowing exactly the destination, holding true to our ideas

And never giving up

All in the timing, it seems

Until the till takes its toll

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