Sunday, December 20, 2009

Momentuum's Momentuum


Ice Miner Suite

-The Story of the Ice Miner

- The world has lost most of it's drinking water, creating a new career - Ice Mining on the moon....

-Tuu Section

--- still rough, needs to be arranged, a project for Josh


- Shapeshifter? No, shift-shaper...


- like Bach, we recycle our music


--- The Ellipsis returns


--- finally, on an album! Perhaps the second track to be released...


- in 5, well mostly.


- Josh tried to demo this one. Shot down, this needs to happen with Nic....


- Originally an improv at Dana St. Almost complete and ready for recording! Oh yeah, lyrics....

Momentuum **

- Josh needs to expand on this one. The idea was written at his studio, then brought to Fractal and improv-ed at Dana St, soon to be reprov-ed...


- Paul’s mash and gravy. An Englishman's delight....


- Watch the wheels go the other way, but the car continues forward.

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