Saturday, April 18, 2009


The closing and title piece for Fractal's first CD, Continuum is a popular live choice that is often played when an encore is called for...

Musically, Continuum is an atmospheric driving instrumental in an odd time signature, which represents a distillation of Fractal's evolution when it was recorded in 2003, and set the direction for the following works.


Brother was written by Josh before he joined Fractal. Its a moving story about the bonds of friendship and the support given to a brother in need of help. Fractal have made several different arrangements of the song over the years. There is an epic quality to the piece, with a final section that builds emotion and intensity over a simple sequence of power chords.

Brother is not currently available as a CD release.


The opening track of Fractal's first album - Continuum - Fractional is a driving instrumental that starts off in seven time with a melodic guitar line. The middle section builds in intensity before a restrained and delicate guitar solo.