Thursday, February 26, 2009


a riff-heavy and confidently strident instrumental album-opener, built upon a multi-layered and multi-rhythmic main riff contrasting with delicate, interlocking arpeggio sections. Melds Beatles with King Crimson.


Given the title in a response to the events of September 11, 2001. The band's very personal dedication and remembrance of those events. The struggle to come to terms with the loss of innocence is symbolized in many of the song's elements, such as its shock-metal guitar bursts, its ascending and descending spiral harmonic modulations underpinning a frantic percussive middle section, and chorus with fleeting ghost-notes and culminating in an emotional guitar solo crying for hope.

Please follow this link for a more in-depth discussion of this song by Nic.

Mantra: Eternal Spring of Life

intricate rhythmic melodic pattern in an emotionally charged song. Meandering legato guitar lines and a softer core features sparse singing and delicately cascading guitar notes.

Giving Tree

a vulnerable, pure and serene ballad.


an improvisation: contemplative and organic soaring sonic atmospherics and an almost subliminal rhythmic drive.

A Fraction Of One

a haunting and surreal “soundtrack to a dream”, with stream-of-consciousness lyrics, an insistent, throbbing guitar riff and eerie soundscapes.


a fortuitously captured improv plays like a screamingly violent outburst of grief, outrage and indignation.

Mauves and The Great Pain

a two-piece bluesy mini-suite in 13/8 odd meter - “like Jimi Hendrix singing with Robert Fripp on guitar”.

The Monkey's Paw

after a Zeppelinesque opening explodes in a frenzy of simian angst-ridden punk energy. Its coda, Pentacle, mutates the theme into a signature Fractal spiral harmonic transformation, layering an unusual blend of instrumentation and colors including classical guitar and baritone ukulele, harpsichord, tubular bells, synth-choir and ultimately culminating in a thrash metal reprise.


Epic meanders in styles through its several episodes: a symphonic overture, a riffing anthem-rock section, a nightmarish and trippy third movement, and a cathartic ballad finale.


a non-sequitur....